Release Notes

Changements dans docuteam box 1.0


Date de release: 22 décembre 2022

docuteam box was released in its first version in the context of the migration of the repository stack from Fedora 3 to Fedora 6. The process and scope of this migration is outlined on a dedicated page. docuteam box is a newly written software on top of the service APIs of the Fedora 6 repository stack, providing APIs to access objects as well as a GUI for users to interact with the repository. It is developed with the same software stack as docuteam feeder, thus providing a common user experience across these applications and simplifying maintenance and operations.


Date de release: 15 février 2023


  • include docuteam converter in the distribution
  • update keycloak support for v20


  • support DIP with empty folders
  • create valid zip files for DIPs, not including file headers


Date de release: 20 mars 2023


  • Adjust naming in UI
  • Support more flexible PID prefix string pattern


  • Keep SPARQL query for bad requests
  • Make sure binary files are opened in binary mode
  • Preview API does not create a valid result because orignal file object is not correctly written to tempfile
  • Fix DIP downloads for big files