docuteam box

Repository Services

docuteam box is both an API and an end-user application that sits on top of a Fedora repository stack. As such, it offers high-level access functionality to repository objects. For example, it is able to generate "Dissemination Information Packages" (DIP) in different extents (single objects or entire depositions), to produce previews/thumbnails for specific binary objects or just query the metadata of objects.

The application is providing both a simple web UI and an API for automated requests.

  • The UI offers a cockpit to the repository, i.e. statistics about the repository's content, and also a SPARQL query interface.
  • The API supports the same business operations to access repository objects and information as its predecessor application docuteam rservices with a couple of differences:

    • authentication is done using X-Auth-token headers
    • DIP creation based on a provided EAD or generic XML not done in async mode anymore but as synchroneous calls, i.e. you'll get the DIP as the response, not just the expected filename.

The technical API documentation is available as OpenAPI specification from within the application itself under ./docs/v1, or here.

There are two methods of authentication for docuteam box:

  • The UI uses a Keycloak instance (which can be linked to another authentication service like AzureAD using OpenID or SAML)
  • The API is using tokens which can be managed within the UI.