docuteam bridge

Access and Retrieval Gateway


Client applications should be able to submit a deposition (a package with data and metadata) to our ingest platform. Depositions are then picked up by docuteam feeder workflows, usually processing and storing the deposition in a preservation repository. After a successful ingest, feeder (and subsequently bridge) return persistent identifiers (PIDs) for every object (file, folder) within the deposition. Using these PIDs, clients are able to access the deposited objects again.

In the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) terminology:

  • docuteam bridge receives "Submission Information Packages" (SIP) on its depositions API.
  • The SIPs are processed by docuteam feeder (quality assurance, optional initial preservation actions) and stored into a repository as "Archival Information Packages" (AIP).
  • Client applications retrieve "Dissemination Information Packages (DIP)" of their originally submitted objects using the access API of docuteam bridge.


Docuteam bridge is a set of REST APIs that usually return a JSON (and binary data) response.

Docuteam bridge is agnostic to the package format of the deposition, e.g.: - use the simple, BagIt-based format docuteam dublin core - use Matterhorn METS - use other formats like eCH-0160 or SEDA.

Docuteam bridge consists of three APIs:


Deposition of new packages

  • New depositions are temporarily stored by bridge. They are made available to feeder, which in turn processes and stores them into the repository.
  • Depositions are identified by bridge IDs. These identifiers are returned with the HTTP response of a new deposition request.
  • Upon successful archiving in the repository, the status of the deposition is set to "archived",
  • persistent identifiers (PIDs) for each of the deposition's objects are returned by bridge,
  • and the SIP is deleted from the depositions as it is now preserved in the repository.


Read/access data successfully deposited into the repository

  • Gives access to the full DIP corresponding to a deposited SIP.
  • Gives access to metadata, data or previews of specific repository objects.

Changes (under development)

Update or purge specific repository objects

  • metadata only (data remains unchanged)
  • data only (metadata remains unchanged)
  • object (metadata and data are modified)