Involved applications developed by docuteam

The reference model OAIS, which docuteam cosmos follows conceptually, is based on a modularization of functions and areas of responsibility. Accordingly, docuteam cosmos is not a monolithic software solution, but a package of different programs, each of which implements individual components of OAIS. These programs communicate with each other via defined interfaces and enable modularized and flexible solutions. Widespread, internationally recognized standards are used at these interfaces, so that docuteam cosmos can also interact with third-party tools in libraries and archives.

The "software family" of docuteam cosmos is continuously being developed and currently includes the following components:

docuteam packer

With docuteam packer data can be prepared for delivery to a digital archive. docuteam packer bundles your data into a Submission Information Package. This contains the delivery data as well as technical, structural and descriptive metadata.

Documentation of docuteam packer.

docuteam actions

docuteam actions is a collection of programs to create, edit and save Submission Information Packages. This collection forms the basis for more complex workflows in docuteam feeder.

Documentation of docuteam actions.

docuteam feeder

docuteam feeder is a web-based ingest tool to migrate, validate, modify and finally store data in a long-term archive.

Documentation of docuteam feeder.

docuteam rservices

docuteam rservices offers various functionalities with regard to a Fedora repository.

Documentation of docuteam rservices.

docuteam bridge

docuteam bridge is an Application Programming Interface (API) for delivering and retrieving packages.

Documentation of docuteam bridge.

Annual releases

Once a year the different versions are bundled into an annual release.