Release Notes

Changes in docuteam packer 5.4


Release date:: 22 November 2019

docuteam packer


  • support disabling the option to delete the sources when creating the SIP


  • packer workspace should ignore temporary SIPs
  • names of default reports should be translated
  • fix exception when switching workspace with open SIP
  • fix exception when property docuteamPacker.droid.signatureFile is set explicitly
  • add missing translation for metadata validator
  • fix reading of node order when opening SIPs

Changes in common libraries

New Features

  • Integrate platform independent webservice for the 3-Heights document converter


  • Use the most recent DROID signatures in config as default (instead of hard-coded default)
  • check for valid filenames when unzipping


  • sanitize invalid XML characters in metadata values
  • fix kerberos authentication for SNBPDFGenerator
  • use correct log4j libraries for logging
  • replace calls with java.nio.file.Files.move(Path, Path, CopyOption…)