Release Notes

Changes in docuteam packer 6.0


Release date: 08 March 2021

This major version marks, first and foremost, the transition from Java 8 to Java 11. This means a changed prerequisite – actions requires Java 11. This also brings some smaller changes with it. One side effect is that any properties files need to be encoded in UTF-8 (used to be ISO-8859-1).

docuteam packer


  • The property "docuteamPacker.isDevMode" has been removed; creating detailed log output can be achieved with respective log4j settings.

Changes in common libraries


  • upgrade dependencies indicated by
  • use correct namespace (not just a string representation) consistently when adding new METS elements to the xml file


Release date: 28 September 2021

Changes in common libraries


  • Upgrade dependencies
  • For duplicate filenames, show path information as well
  • Fix JHove dependency to not break if the external schema is not available
  • Deactivate (encapsulated) postscript in default configuration


  • Properly deal with attributes of the xlink namespace within EAD
  • Support trailing spaces in filenames for file converter
  • Adjust PREMIS event information for replacements of files