Release Notes

Changements dans docuteam packer 6.2


Date de release: 16 février 2022

This minor version adds functionality and improvements to underlying libraries.

Changes in common libraries

New features

  • Add date validator accepting any of yyyyMMDD, yyyyMM, yyyy.


  • Use delete instead of deleteOnExit wherever possible.
  • Include the latest version of DROID signature files.


Date de release: 16 mars 2022

This bugfix version adds Italian translations and some other minor improvements.

docuteam packer


  • Packer now contains default translations for Italian.
  • When using the function “Append migration result”, it is now possible to select a folder containing multiple files.

Changes in common libraries


  • Improve data transfer from 3-Heights Document Converter webservice.
  • Set from address and send date for email messages.
  • Upgrade dependencies indicated by