Export primary data, metadata and reports

Various export options for individual SIPs are available via the "Package" menu item. Primary data, metadata or reports can be exported.

export options

Export metadata...

Using the menu item "Package" > "Export Metadata..." an export of the EAD metadata can be made from the detailed view of a SIP. You can choose between CSV and XML as export format.

Create report...

A PDF report can be created from the detailed view of a SIP using the menu item "Package" > "Create Report...". "Cassation" contains only those elements that have been marked as cashed. To use this functionality, the corresponding level must be defined in the levels.xml. "Directory" and "Directory Landscape" output a PDF that shows the structure of the SIP and lists the EAD metadata for each object.

Export SIP...

The "Package" > "Export SIP..." function allows you to export a SIP according to the SEDA (Data Exchange Standard for Archiving) version 1 and 2.1 standard.

Individual files or subtrees of a SIP can be exported via the menu item "Element" > "Export...". Only the primary data is exported, not the metadata.