download and install docuteam packer


In order to use docuteam packer, Java >= 11 must be available (Oracle JDK or OpenJDK). Since version 6, a Java runtime is included by default into the distribution. docuteam packer is a Java application that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Download, unzip, off you go

In order to use docuteam packer no installation is necessary. Download docuteam packer. Unzip the downloaded zip at the location of your choice and open the file corresponding to your operating system to start docuteam packer:

  • docuteam packer.exe for use with Windows
  • docuteam for use with macOS
  • docuteam packer for use with Linux

For Windows users, we recommend using a Zip program that can handle path lengths over 256 characters, e.g. 7-Zip.

For macOS users, we recommend moving the folder containing the packer files into the Applications folder, to prevent macOS from blocking the execution of packer.

docuteam packer works as a standalone application without the need for a internet connection. docuteam packer can also be unpacked to a USB stick and started from there.