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Version: 6.10


docuteam packer is a Java application for preparing data for a digital archive. docuteam packer turns your files into a Submission Information Package (SIP). This package contains the files as well as technical, structural and descriptive metadata.

docuteam packer works as a standalone application out of the box without any installation procedure and can be configured highly flexibly. Moreover docuteam packer does not require access to the internet.

docuteam packer

With docuteam packer existing SIP can be viewed, searched and edited. There are different possibilities for quality assurance available such as the matching of checksums, format identification, format migration, search and removal of duplicates and many more.

If a SIP is created, docuteam packer creates a new folder which contains the data. Additionally packer creates an XML file which contains metadata about the SIP. It contains metadata in Matterhorn METS format. Matterhorn METS combines the standards METS, PREMIS and EAD and was developed specifically for digital archiving by docuteam and the State Archive Valais. The standard has been registered with the Library of Congress since 2012 (specification).

docuteam packer is developed continuously by docuteam AG in close cooperation with an active community (the docuteam User Group). It is freely available under the GPLv3 license and may be downloaded here.