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An overall description of the larger goals for our developments is described on our company's website. For people interested in more specific details, we are outlining the roadmap in more detail here.

Page is out of date

The documentation of our technical roadmap available on this page is currently being reworked. Visit the roadmap section on our website for an up-to-date overview of what we're working on and what the upcoming yearly release will bring.

For the annual release, we will bring together all developments of the past year for the individual software components. Versions marked with the asterisk (*) are expected to be part of the next annual release.

Conceptual work

While each of the components have their own specific roadmap (see below), we also want to move forward in more general areas and plan for larger functionalities and improvements that often affect more than one specific application:

  • Extended interoperability of the ingest and repository stack (Q4/2023): Simplify and improve the usage of the APIs of both stacks to enable efficient processing.
  • Initial version of docuteam context (Q4/2023): This is the future reference application for archival information systems based on Records in Contexts. Built with modern technologies, it enables archivists to manage their holdings aligned with the newest standards of ICA.
  • Initial version of docuteam sirius (Q4/2023): Enabling archives users to comfortably access archival holdings.
  • Architectural improvements (1st half of 2024): Many of the components are already able to run on a containerized platform. We will plan the required changes for the remaining applications to be able to operate the entire ingest with containers, opening up for considerable performance improvements, simplifing operation and enhancing security.
  • Update the default SIP standard (mid-2024): The current METS-based SIP standard (Matterhorn METS) has done and is still doing a good job, but we've also noticed and collected a number of areas for improvements. We plan to draft a successor/update to the existing standard to better support functionality that is for example provided by the Fedora 6 repository stack. This new SIP standard would also be the starting point for web submission functionality.
  • As an active community member, we will continue to support the maintenance and development of Fedora 6 as the backbone of our repository stack.

docuteam context

docuteam context is our reference implementation of a modern archival information system (AIS) based on the Records in Contexts-Ontology.

1.0First generally available version of our new AIS (Q4/2023)

docuteam sirius

Focusing on a broad public of users, this new application is a reading room application for archival resources.

1.0First generally available version of our new virtual reading room product (Q4/2023)

docuteam box

After the initial release of docuteam box at the end of 2022 as a replacement for docuteam rservices on the new Fedora 6 repository stack, and a first minor release with a simple search, we've done a major re-work of the internal storage pattern with 2.0. The following smaller and larger improvements are ongoing or planned:

2.2Improve reactivity of pages and endpoints, insert/replace resources, adjust output
2.3 (*)Improve performance of architecture, adjust to final RiC 1.0
3.0Extended UI for business operations

docuteam packer/docuteam actions

We are continually improving functionality of docuteam packer and docuteam actions, focusing on working with Matterhorn METS packages.

6.11 (*)Improvements for email normalization, Java 17
7.0Improve interaction with feeder APIs; remove Fedora 3-related actions and other functionalities that have already been marked as deprecated.

docuteam actions-js

docuteam actions-js has been introduced in connection with the Fedora 6 repository stack. Version 2.0 re-worked the Matterhorn RDF implementation to improve storage footprint and processsing time. It will continue to be extended with subsequent actions that are implemented with JavaScript.

2.3Customer-specific actions
2.4 (*)Customer-specific actions, align with final RiC 1.0

docuteam feeder

We've been extending docuteam feeder with aspects that relate to the support of F6 and the migration process. We're turning our focus now on cleaning up deprecated functionality, moving forward with automation features and addressing improvements to the user interface.

7.2Separate runner functionality into their own module to prepare for more scaling.
7.3Deposition deletions
8.0 (*)rework depositions API; remove deprecated functionality

docuteam rservices (deprecated, EOL 2024)

docuteam rservices will be supported as long as we are actively doing migrations from Fedora 3 to Fedora 6. However, EOL has been communicated and there is no new functionality planned.