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docuteam context

docuteam context is a web-based archival information system, pioneering the use of the new metadata standard "Records in Contexts" (RiC).

The product combines extensive configuration options, providing great flexibility, with a coherent data structure based on RiC. A central focus is also placed on contemporary user experience and usability to facilitate efficient and effective work. Comprehensive import and export capabilities ensure seamless integration of docuteam context into existing system landscapes and workflows.

We continuously develop, review, and enhance docuteam context in collaboration with our archivists and customers.

For more information on RiC:

A work in progress

We're still working on describing all key elements of docuteam context in this space and on giving you some guidance on how you get things done with our new app. This will take some time to complete, so please be patient and check back occasionally.


This section provides you with some fundamentals to understand the concepts behind docuteam context.

Using docuteam context

Explains how to use docuteam context effectively and efficiently.

Entities: Record resources, locations, controlled vocabularies

  • The tree or plan of record groups ("Tektonik")
  • Add, edit and remove entities using forms
    • Types of fields
    • Repeatable fields, read-only fields, required fields
  • Working with the grid
  • Search 101: searching entities
  • Working with keyboard shortcuts

How do I...

  • Set access restriction periods
  • Control the publication of meta data and digital objects
  • Import and export data
  • Import an ingest
  • Work offline

Configuring docuteam context

This part targets administrators and archivists, who have the task to configure docuteam context to meet an archive's need and support its workflows.

Defining forms

Defining lists

  • Basic structure of a list definition
  • Special types of lists

Special field types

  • Access restrictions ("Schutzfrist")
  • Reference code ("Signatur")
  • Value and Unit ("Extent")

Publication of meta data and digital objects

  • Defining the publication rule (accessRestrictionRule rule)
  • Defining the list of publication groups
  • Setting the publication rule on a record resource
  • Publication and access restrictions

Linking entities in forms

How do I...

  • Set up users and assigning roles in Keycloak
  • Migrate archives from curator to docuteam context